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Saint Vincent Regional Hospital

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Saint Vincent Health is a mission-based, values-driven, alliance of healthcare providers. Established in 1998, Saint Vincent Health is dedicated to improving the lives and health of residents of the community it serves by providing a continuum of holistic and high-quality healthcare services. Special concern is given to the sick and poor.

Today, Saint Vincent Health has 20 ministries and a network of primary care and specialty physicians, directly serving people in 47 counties throughout Central and
Southern Indiana. The Saint Vincent Health system is comprised of 1 quaternary facility, 3 tertiary hospitals, 8 critical access hospitals, 7 specialty hospitals, and several joint venture partnerships and clinical affiliations across Indiana. With more than 16,000 associates and 3,000 physicians, the faith-based hospital system is one of the largest employers in the state of Indiana.

The customer challenges:

  • Lost opportunities to make decisions based on employee behavior because of improper or lost documentation.
  • The fear of not being a good manager because of missed documentation when issues arise
  • No current system to file and organize employee performance
  • Notes being misplaced, disorganized documentation and having everything in once place for upper management to review is very time consuming
  • A major job risk for personnel decisions if proper documentation doesn’t exist to back up decisions
  • Much time being wasted on trying to find and organize documentation

The Guardian Tracking Solution:

To help Saint Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital gain an accurate view into the performance of their employees. Through our software, Guardian Tracking will provide a foundation on how and when to make decisions concerning their personnel.

Through the Guardian Tracking software Saint Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital received:

  • An easy way to document employee performance through software possessing a simple interface and relevant functionality
  • Saved time for management through retaining employees due to early intervention/positive recognition features
  • A sense of transparency through employees at all levels being able to check and track their performance
  • Pro-activity through using features to help management know when to coach, encourage and reinforce employee behavior
  • A great opportunity to recognize and reward employees
  • A centralized and standard method of documentation

The Guardian Tracking Difference:

Saint Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital is experiencing a major shift in the culture of their organization through time management and organization the Guardian Tracking software has provided. Within the medical industry employees are always pressed for time, Guardian Tracking makes it easy for employees to stay on track with the organization’s goals. By using the system daily to document employee’s performance, managers have a greater knowledge in knowing how to lead their employees. In return, employees have gained more passion for their jobs. Experiencing positive reinforcement, peer recognition and a clear understanding of corrective action has allowed opportunity for employees to change things when problem areas arise. Saint Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital has a greater ability to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers through having a better grasp on the performance of their employees. An organized process to documentation has given them more time to spend on accomplishing the overall mission of the hospital. Saint Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital is amazed by the results Guardian Tracking software has provided to their organization and will continue to use this software daily.

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