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    Proven Effective Early Warning System

    Traditionally, Early Intervention Systems (or Early Warning Systems), identify patterns of undesirable behavior. Guardian Tracking's Early Intervention goes deeper and provides a complete picture of an employee's performance throughout their career, wherever they go.

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    Guardian Tracking Is Now a Part of Vector Solutions

    Acadis has joined forces with Vector Solutions, merging public safety's industry leaders for online training, compliance and operational readiness software.

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    Protect Your Organizational Integrity

    Mitigate liability with facts--not assumptions--backed by solid, transparent performance documentation for defending personnel decisions. Our unique Early Intervention System identifies team members doing exceptional work as well as those who may need guidance.

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    Empower your Dedicated Professionals to Thrive

    The fact is that no algorithm or mathematical metric can ever replace the human element of an educated, engaged, compassionate servant leader. Track all performance--both good and bad--to help coach, counsel, mentor, and celebrate successes.

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Guardian Tracking is Powered Up
Expanding the impact of our early intervention and behavioral performance solution as part of Vector Solutions.



Early Intervention

Early Intervention is an essential step in building a desirable, productive workplace that helps create leaders from within. Guardian Tracking's early intervention system goes beyond highlighting negative employee performance; our software also provides positive performance flags. Guardian Tracking's positive recognition feature then ignites motivation and continued success.


Consistent Feedback

Employees who don’t receive consistent feedback or know they are contributing to something bigger will seek employment elsewhere. Guardian Tracking created our employee performance management software to help you build a workplace culture that employees won't want to leave.


Employee Retention

Interviewing, hiring, and training new employees is one of the most expensive and time-consuming tasks performed by your organization. Guardian Tracking reduces employee turnover and helps attract ideal candidates for the next generation.

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