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    Foster an Exceptional Workplace Culture

    Create a workplace culture that encourages transparent communication throughout every level of your organization. When you use our employee documentation software for continuous, productive feedback, employees will have no question about how their performance is reflected and will gain more control of their career path.

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    Protect your Organizational Integrity

    Mitigate liability with facts--not assumptions--backed by solid performance documentation for defending personnel decisions. As our clients say, "If it isn't documented, it didn't happen".

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    Support and Improve Employee Performance

    Let employees know they matter and that what they do has purpose. Track all performance--both good and bad--to coach, counsel, mentor, celebrate successes, and create leaders from within!

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Positive Recognition

Positive recognition of employee performance is key to building a desirable, productive workplace that helps create leaders from within. Guardian Tracking is the tool for this.


Consistent Feedback

Employees who don’t receive consistent feedback or know they are contributing to something bigger will seek employment elsewhere. Guardian Tracking created our employee performance management software to help you build a workplace culture that employees won't want to leave.


Employee Retention

Interviewing, hiring, and training new employees is one of the most expensive and time-consuming tasks performed by your organization. Guardian Tracking reduces employee turnover.

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