Visit Guardian Tracking at IACP in San Diego

Are you going to IACP 2012 in San Diego?  Guardian Tracking invites you to visit us at booth 4636.  If you are a GT client we will be available to answer questions and introduce you to our new product, Guardian Tracking Job Descriptions.  If you are not a client we will be happy to show you how Guardian Tracking can help with employee performance management.

Guardian Tracking Documentation is a performance documentation / early intervention & recognition system that is helping organizations across the country manage employee performance.

Is improving employee performance important to your organization?  Our software will improve employee performance by giving a simple, transparent way of completing documentation.  People achieve high levels of performance based largely on the encouragement and reinforcement received from leaders, peers, and subordinates.  When the majority of documentation about an employee is positive, and the employee can see that documentation, you get that improvement you are looking for.  If your organization believes that proper documentation should become a core value which drives positive performance then Guardian Tracking Documentation is the way to go.

Guardian Tracking Job Descriptions is our new product which allows you to create job descriptions through task analysis.

Guardian Tracking Job Descriptions gives your organization the ability to maintain current, relevant job descriptions.  Too often organizations spend thousands of dollars on one-time surveys with the resulting job descriptions quickly becoming outdated.  We make job descriptions dynamic, able to change and adapt with the organization. The time, effort and money you invest in managing clear and true goals and expectations of your employees should last and grow with your organization.