GT 4.0 is coming!

We are currently working on a new upgrade and anticipate release in September.  This document provides a brief overview of what’s coming.  We appreciate all the feedback we have received and have made every attempt to address your concerns.  As always, we welcome any comments you have regarding this or any future upgrades.

Audit User – This is probably our most requested feature change and one that we are particularly excited about.   You will be able to give users the right to see all entries under certain categories.  For example, you might decide your training personnel need to see all entries under four or five different categories, you will  now be able to do this without giving the employee “view all” rights.

Save – The ability to save an entry and finish it later.

Document Flow – You will be able to define an approval process by category.  In other words you can send certain entries up the hierarchy for approval before they are published.  Rejected entries go back to the author for needed changes.

Admin Changes – Under Employee Management – Several enhancements will help the admin user.  You will be able to show only “active”, inactive” or “all”.  You will also be able identify who has certain rights. For example, show everyone with “View All” rights or everyone assigned a particular title.


Of course we will be fixing various “bugs” that many of you have identified.  We appreciate your help in this area.