How Transparent is your Employee Performance Documentation?

If negative documentation on an employee will be part of their annual evaluation, should they have the right to review and respond before their evaluation?

Here’s a snippet from relevant article regarding a California court case, Poole v. Orange County Fire Authority, that will determine whether firefighters have the right to review and respond to adverse comments made in their supervisor’s logs:

In many areas, the FBOR contains language identical to that in the POBR. One of these areas provides, in part, that a “firefighter shall not have any comment adverse to his or her interest entered in his or her personnel file, or any other file used for any personnel purposes by his or her employer, without the firefighter having first read and signed the instrument containing the adverse comment indicating he or she is aware of the comment.”  FBOR provides the firefighter 30 days to respond in writing to the adverse comment, and states that the written response is to be attached to the adverse comment.”  What happens when these comments are not formally documented? Read the full article. Could a similar situation occur within your organization?

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