How is your Organization’s “Brand” Portrayed?

No matter the industry, an organization with employees should be aware of the culture they are creating as its employees are a direct reflection of the organization and its brand. Do employees feel that they are part of something bigger? Are they recognized for positive behavior and contributions?  And how are employees portraying the organization to the outside world even when they’re off the clock?

Here’s a blurb from an interesting article written by W. Michael Phibbs, M.H.R., and Frank A. Tait, J.D., that discusses the value of organizational culture and branding of law enforcement agencies:

“The brand can become more than recruitment posters, decals, patches, and community flyers; it can be a catalyst for pride and commitment for both the officers and community to the point where negative behavior that tarnishes the organization’s image will not be tolerated.”

We hear regularly from clients that our employee performance management software helps improve their organizational culture through peer recognition, early intervention, and positive reinforcement, among other benefits. A strong, positive organizational culture is a powerful magnet that helps attract and retain high-performing employees — and what organization doesn’t want these positive attributes as a reflection of itself?