GT 4.2 is Coming!

We’re excited to announce several new features in this upgrade which will help add value to the way your organization uses Guardian Tracking.  As always, you get to decide if and how to implement these features.

Here’s a brief description of what’s new:

  • Active Directory or Single Sign On – If your organization uses AD and would like to learn more contact us at
  • Future Dates – You may now add any date to an entry; current, past, or future.
  • Historic titles – When you view an entry the titles displayed are those at the time the entry was created, not the current titles.
  • Time frame filter – Do you create a lot of “action items”?  You can now use the filter on the home page to only show those action items you want to see.  You might want to see action items due today or those due in the next week, now you can.  Although we hope you are clearing your “recent activity” the time frame filter will also work for recent activity.
  • Hyperlinks – When creating an entry, or adding a comment, you now have the ability to simply to paste a link to larger files, such as; audio and video.
  • Reset filters – Clicking on reset filters will now reset to default without having to then click on the view tab. Eliminates the step.
  • Customizable Fields – You may create custom fields and assign them to a category.  This feature is not intended to replace complex forms, but will allow you to define and standardize the data stored in Guardian Tracking.  These fields may be preset, or added on the fly while editing an entry.  The various fields may also be set as required, or optional, while creating an entry.  See video for additional information.






  • Weighting Categories in Flags – Several clients let us know that early intervention could be improved if we allowed categories within the flag to be weighted.  This made a lot of sense to us and here is what we’ve done.

Up to this point the flag was generated on a number of incidents in a certain number of days.  Every incident in the flag carried the same value.  If you prefer to keep flags functioning as they do today, you don’t need to do anything.

If you believe that certain categories should carry more or less weight you can now  assign a “point value” to an incident.

The screenshot shows you how this might be setup.  Weighting is also available with recognition flags.


ATTENTION ADMIN USERS – We are updating the manuals and training videos and will have them available in the near future.