Daigle Law Group Use of Force Summit

Guardian Tracking is proud to be a part of the upcoming Use of Force Summit.

From the Daigle Law Group: “The focus of the Use of Force Summit is identifying proper legal and operational standards for use of force incidents, including the development of common police practices on use of force and force related policies. The past year has seen much analysis, instruction and recommendations on use of force policy, training and investigation to discuss. From the policy, training and operational implications imposed by the decision released by the United States Supreme Court in Kingsley v. Hendrickson, a review of the Department of Justice Ferguson Report and the DOJ Agreements in Albuquerque, Cleveland and Newark this will be a class you cannot afford to miss. The Summit will focus on enhancing the effectiveness, operations and management of use of force incidents. Training will review the policy standards, legal interpretations and consent decree standards that make up liability protection standards. This includes force investigation standards, development of training and the documentation of use of force incidents.” Read more at:

We hope to see you there!