Have Confidential Documentation Needs? GT Can Handle That Too.

We are excited to introduce “confidential entries” in the upcoming Guardian Tracking 4.3 release. The ability to create confidential entries is a feature we have talked about for a long time and struggled with the decision to implement. Transparency has always been an essential aspect of Guardian Tracking and, time and time again, has proven to be beneficial to performance management. Our hesitancy was based on the fact that we did not want Guardian Tracking viewed as just another internal investigations software.

Having said this, we understand that total transparency is not reality and there is a need for confidentiality for a variety of reasons. These reasons could include; certain personnel records, health issues, fitness for duty reports, internal investigations, etc. However, we believe confidential entries should be the exception and not the rule.

We recommend that your organization set expectations regarding confidentiality and the use of this feature. Your organization will determine who can make confidential entries and who will have access to these entries.

Making routine entries will be the same; the confidential drop-down menu should be opened only when you need to make the entry confidential. Again, we suggest confidential entries be the exception, not the rule.

Currently, the Confidential Entries feature is being tested in several beta sites and we anticipate a general release by mid-April 2016.


Here’s what you can expect in Guardian Tracking 4.3

Confidential Entries for IA, HR and beyond

  • Guardian Tracking now supports confidential documentation. You can create groups of employees, such as Internal Affairs or Human Resources, that can view the documentation. A new manual and video will available to fully explain this new feature
  • A link has been added to allow clients to refer others to GT
  • When creating new titles, all permissions will default on except for the “edit” and “create confidential” permissions
  • The message displayed to the user after using the “forgot password” function has been improved
  • The term “count” has been changed to “score” when dealing with weighted categories in the context of threshold alerts
  • Fixed: Custom fields are sometimes lost in saved incidents, especially when also dealing with related incidents
  • Fixed: “View all” permission is sometimes automatically checked when overriding an employee’s permissions
  • Fixed: Long text custom fields do not wrap correctly when viewing an incident
  • Fixed: Inactive categories are not reflected in the incident totals report
  • Fixed: Categories with no names can crash the site
  • Fixed: You sometimes have to refresh the “manage hierarchy” page to get changes to take effect