GT 4.3 is Here!

The latest version of Guardian Tracking was just released! As a reminder, here’s what’s new:

  • Guardian Tracking now supports confidential documentation. You can create groups of employees, such as Internal Affairs or Human Resources, that can view the documentation. A new manual and video are available to fully explain this new feature
  • A link has been added to allow clients to refer others to GT
  • When creating new titles, all permissions will default on except for the “edit” and “create confidential” permissions
  • The message displayed to the user after using the “forgot password” function has been improved
  • The term “count” has been changed to “score” when dealing with weighted categories in the context of threshold alerts
  • Fixed: Custom fields are sometimes lost in saved incidents, especially when also dealing with related incidents
  • Fixed: “View all” permission is sometimes automatically checked when overriding an employee’s permissions
  • Fixed: Long text custom fields do not wrap correctly when viewing an incident
  • Fixed: Inactive categories are not reflected in the incident totals report
  • Fixed: Categories with no names can crash the site
  • Fixed: You sometimes have to refresh the “manage hierarchy” page to get changes to take effect