Guardian Tracking 4.3.2 Release Notes

Info For our GT Clients on the Latest Release:

  • With the exception of confidential incidents, you can now assign action items to anyone in the organization – not just those who have access to the incident. This is reverting a change we recently made that broke some clients’ workflow.
  • You can now print saved incidents as drafts. The word “Draft” will appear in the printed document. You must save an incident before the Print button will appear.
  • The email address field on the Account page now accepts capital letters.


Single Sign On Users Only:

  • When a new user accesses GT for the first time, they will now automatically be added to the organization when there is only a single organization in the deployment.>
  • SSO deployments can opt out of EmpID being synced from their local LDAP (AD). This will allow GT admins to specify the EmpID. Contact support if you’d like this turned on.