How to Create a Positive Workplace Environment

If you are a Guardian Tracking client, you probably already know that positive recognition is one of our core values. Why? Because it works. When employees know their work has meaning and someone notices and rewards their efforts, they feel motivated to continue on that path. We also know that positive recognition enhances teamwork, encourages peer-to-peer recognition, and cultivates a more positive workplace environment–and those benefits are what makes an employee want to stay!

Here’s a great article that reinforces what we believe and offers other ideas for how to motivate your employees: 6 Ways to Positively Influence Officer Behavior. Though this article was written with Law Enforcement in mind, it easily translates to any organization with employees.

Positive recognition. GT helps recognize and encourage desired behavior.

“The bad news is that you cannot change people. Only they can decide to change themselves through their actions, attitude, and effort. So, the question becomes what can you change? The answer is the environment.

By making consistent, incremental positive changes in the environment, you can alter the behaviors of your officers. Here are 6 things you can start doing tomorrow to change your squad’s environment and create lasting on-the-job behavioral changes.

  1. Recognize and reward the positive actions and attitudes of your officers. When you see something great, recognize it immediately and find a way to reward it. Other officers will see that success and then begin to duplicate that behavior. A hand written note, a shout-out in briefing, buying them a coffee, getting them into a training they wanted, or speaking positively about them to upper staff are easy ways to reward positive behaviors.” Read on