Experience WINx

Guardian Tracking sales associate,┬áBen Wasilewski, attended the most recent WINx event and here’s what he had to say about it:

“If asked to choose one word to describe how I felt as I left the WINx Conference, it would be motivated. From the moment I arrived that morning, it was obvious that the members of the Virtus Group had created an atmosphere that encouraged both professional and personal growth, networking, and comradery.

Public Safety Leadership, empower people, inspire people, lead change, share visionThe professional and personal growth came from the incredible line-up of speakers the Virtus Group had put together. The 9 speakers were all very inspiring and left you with not only new information but a brand new perspective as well. All 9 presentations, while focused on law enforcement, applied to any walk of life and challenged the audience to become better each day. All the speakers had people at the edge of the seats, engaged, and ready to take their new wealth of knowledge and apply it to their lives. (Here’s one of the presentations).

The networking, a pivotal part of the day, began the minute the doors opened when attendees had the chance to talk with peers and meet members of the WINX team. These networking opportunities continued throughout the day and were most commonly used for people to discuss the presentations they had heard. I had the opportunity to meet several of the speakers and was able to talk with them further about their stories and experiences. These were truly some of the brightest people I have had the chance to meet.

Finally, the sense of comradery was a simple, yet a very important part of the day. It was clear, from the conversations that took place, the educational material, and the engagement from the audience that everyone who attended was there to advance the law enforcement profession and create a better culture.

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to represent Guardian Tracking at the WINX conference in Chicago. It was my first time at the event, and I have already asked to return. I left feeling motivated and ready to take all the information, stories, and experiences I gained throughout the day and apply it to my everyday life. I encourage everyone to take the time to watch the videos as they are released (sign up here) and share them with as many people as possible. What a day!”

Stay tuned for the details of the next WINx event so you can experience it yourself–inspiration, motivation, personal & professional growth.