New Features in Guardian Tracking

GT now includes a couple of new features! Both changes are designed to help relieve some common pain points you’ve reported to us. Here’s a quick video of what is new.

The first feature deals with multiple related entries. Instead of having to open each entry, you can click a button in the first entry you open and clear all other related entries as being viewed. It should be noted if you edit an entry it is now unique from the other related entries. You will still have the ability to clear the remaining related entries as viewed.

The second feature allows you to clear all unread entries from the Recent Activity folder on your home screen. All entries cleared in this manner will be marked as “Cleared without viewing” in the audit trail. When and if you do view these entries the audit trail will update itself as being viewed.  

It should also be noted that multiple related entries will retain the ability to be cleared en masse as viewed, even if they’ve been cleared from recent activity as just described.

We hope these new features save you some time! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at