Leadership Principles to Practice

Three important essential leadership principles to ensure success with Guardian Tracking.

First, introduce and look for opportunities to use Guardian Tracking for positive entries whenever possible. Positive reinforcement maximizes performance, while negative reinforcement gets a level of performance that is just enough to get by and just enough to escape or avoid some unpleasant consequence (Daniels, 2000, p.43).

Second, never publish a negative entry without first having a face-to-face meeting with the employee. Guardian Tracking is not a replacement for open, honest, and healthy conversation with your personnel. Following this principle turns an otherwise negative entry into a summary of your conversation and not a “gotcha tool.”  Most importantly, the conversation provides an opportunity for mutual learning and for the employee to actively respond and participate in the corrective process.

Third, always set an Action Item in Guardian Tracking following a negative entry.  It is critical to revisit the incident and provide positive feedback and documentation to the employee when they have demonstrated improvement. In this way, you have utilized a negative entry to create a positive outcome.

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