Early Intervention System for police

Guide to an Effective Early Warning System

Introduction to the Series

What happened in Minneapolis weighs heavy on us. We grieve with the Floyd family. Policing culture must improve – It can improve – It’s our mission.

One of Guardian Tracking’s primary goals is to promote excellence by recognizing positive officer behavior and reinforcing that behavior. We know it’s an essential part of improving policing culture. However, in this series of upcoming blog posts, we are going to focus on the aspect of Guardian Tracking more pertinent to recent events, Early Intervention and Early Warning Systems.

Guardian Tracking is the benchmark for police Early Intervention Systems (EIS) / Early Warning Systems (EWS). That is why 1,200 public safety organizations chose us to improve their culture, promote leadership, and provide transparency within their organization.

The focus of our next blog post will be adapting to those challenges faced by law enforcement today. Every 2 or 3 days for the next few weeks, we will release additional blog posts that will guide you through the successful implementation of EWS / EIS for any size organization.

We have 12 years as a company dedicated to improving policing culture. On staff, we have a combined 70 years of law enforcement and CALEA accreditation experience. However, we are always open to improving our methodologies. If you’d like to see this guide enhanced in some way, please send your suggestions to

Next Part: Adapting to the Challenges Ahead