A New GT Logo Makes its Debut


Dear Valued Guardian Tracking Customer,


As you know, we joined the Acadis family back in March to expand our ability to provide solutions that support the law enforcement and public safety community through connected technology. We recognize and have a deep respect for the challenging job you do every day, and are committed to providing solutions that remove some of the obstacles and silos that exist in department processes and systems. Saving valuable time and resources so that you can focus on the important work you do is our motivation in bringing these solutions together under a single company.

Our companies’ shared vision, “Readiness Saves Lives,” is something that we are committed to and strive to build into everything we do. It is that commitment that guides our decision to expand the name of our platform to make room for the additional capabilities that will be made available to you. Some of the exciting enhancements beyond early intervention and performance management that are on the way are seamless access to training, policy documents,  compliance and FTO solutions. We are excited to move another step closer toward the goal of a solution that serves more of your needs.

You will notice the logo in the Guardian Tracking platform will be changing this week to the combined logo (shown below) that communicates this shared vision. Nothing in terms of your service, current agreement or pricing will change. The new logo is meant to demonstrate progress toward new and exciting capabilities that we are developing for you, our valued partners.


If you would like additional information or have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Many thanks,

Leon Wasilewski