Author: Leon Wasilewski

Lt. Wasilewski’s thirty-year career in the Anderson (IN) police department covered a wide range of duties, including patrol officer and SWAT team membership. Along with distinguished service and a natural curiosity and dedication came promotions to Investigator, Sergeant, and ultimately Lieutenant.

Employee Evaluations as a Process, Not an Event

Most managers and employees dislike evaluations. Why? It is because in most organizations employee evaluations are an event, not a process. What do I mean by that?

When I say that evaluations are an event, I mean it is something which occurs at a given date and time. In the case of evaluations this might be an employee’s anniversary date or simply the end of the year. We get notice from HR that evaluations are due. We pull out the evaluations tool, write the employee’s name at the top and go to work. We have very little, if any, information to support the ratings that we assign.