Author: Mike Reed

A Marine Corps veteran with over 31 years in law enforcement at the Anderson (IN) Police Department, Mike Reed counted among his disciplines patrol, criminal investigations, and narcotics duty. He was a SWAT team member for 25 years, and was team commander for the last several years. He is a graduate of the 220th session of the FBI National Academy.

GT4.0 User Training Video

We’ve updated the user training video to include the new features. The video will provide basic information regarding the benefits and use of the software. The video is 40 minutes in length and is broken into chapters. You can use the video as training for new supervisors and personnel, or refresher training.

GT 4.0 Upgrade – IMPORTANT!

We appreciate your patience. The upgrade is complete and being tested by a few beta sites. We anticipate full release as early as this weekend. The “hold for review” feature will be replaced with document flow. This new feature will allow you to set up an approval process. If you have any entries on hold, we recommend getting them cleared by this weekend. Any entries “on hold” at the time of the upgrade will automatically be converted to a one-step approval process.

GT 4.0 is coming!

We are currently working on a new upgrade and anticipate release in September. This document provides a brief overview of what’s coming. We appreciate all the feedback we have received and have made every attempt to address your concerns. As always, we welcome any comments you have regarding this or any future upgrades.

Did it turn your head?

The question is often asked, “What should be documented?” The answer is simple, you should document when you observe behavior that turns your head. Take note, I did not distinguish between positive or negative behavior. If behavior occurs which turns your head…take the time to document it. You would certainly set aside time when a negative “head turning” event takes place. Don’t your employees deserve the same effort when they do the right thing?

The Power of Positive Reinforcement

A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to discuss Guardian Tracking with Dr. Neal Trautman, director of the National Institute of Ethics.  Dr. Trautman heard about Guardian Tracking from an Oregon police chief who had attended his ethics course. We spoke for over two hours.  The experience was rewarding and affirming.  Leon and I […]