Our Team


Julie discovered a love for marketing while working in the mortgage industry in the early 2000’s. In 2007, she resigned from the mortgage industry to accept an opportunity to work with the public safety industry in a sales and marketing role. In 2014, the same year Julie joined the GT team, she earned a Master’s degree in digital marketing.

  • Why GT? (What led you to this path? And what keeps you going?)

    I was fortunate enough to get to know some of the GT members years before joining the team by networking at industry trade shows. I was impressed by their work ethic, passion for what they do, and–of course–the awesome product they’ve built! What keeps me going is hearing from truly happy clients. Nothing makes my day and motivates me more than hearing of an organization who adopted the “GT way” and transformed their workplace to a place they love. (By the way, if you are one of those clients that want to make my day, shoot me an email!)

  • When you’re not working, what can you be found doing?

    Most of my free time is spent with my two sons and husband, but my “me time” is spent reading or just staying active–working out (I’m a long-time Orange Theory Fitness fan!) or working on home-improvement projects.

  • Favorite quote:

    “It is impossible to improve what you will not change.”–Dale Harris.