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In any relationship, communication is vital. Your workplace relationships shouldn’t be any different. Creating a healthy workplace that encourages recognition and transparent, consistent communication throughout every level of the organization develops trust and security for its people. Employees want to know where they stand with their supervisors, how they are performing, and that their hard work matters. Your employees want you to notice them. Otherwise, they will begin to feel undervalued or unappreciated.

“I found this to be true: when I documented on-going performance conversations, rather than an annual evaluation, I helped create a workplace culture where people didn’t want to leave. Employees felt valued, appreciated, and gave their best effort. Consistent, transparent, immediate performance feedback works!” –Nurse Manager of a Level III Trauma Center

Guardian Tracking is a leadership platform creating higher-performing organizations by empowering dedicated professionals to thrive. Start developing the next generation of passionate leaders.

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