Personnel Management Software Pricing

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Straightforward pricing with no hidden cost — includes set up, training, and all upgrades.

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    Easy and Fast

    We know your internal IT is busy, so all you need for installation is Internet access. You can be up and running tomorrow.

    Our team maintains the software. Your team can be free to support your organization.

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    Secure Server

    With our hosted solution, the software and data transmission are covered by a professional technology company managing their security. All data and logon information between you and the server is encrypted using SSL. Your stored data are maintained in a secure virtual environment in a state of the art data center.

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    Our hosted servers provide both physical and virtual redundancy. If something does go wrong, another server takes over in minutes – not days.

    Worried about a major catastrophe? Rest assured that your database is being backed up daily.

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    Improved Availability, Ultimate Mobility

    If you have internet access, you can use your hosted software anywhere. If your operation changes location, you will be up and running as soon as you can connect from your new business center.

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    Buy Performance, Not Hardware

    Just as in the case of software upgrades, when a hardware upgrade is called for, we make it; you carry no risk of hardware obsolescence.

    If for some reason Guardian Tracking is not right for you, you may cancel after the first year, and have no costly hardware-disposition problem.

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    Little, if any, IT Support Needed

    Running server-based software on-premise drains expertise from other areas and reduces your ability to immediately respond to other IT needs. You will be up and running quickly and reliably, with little or no inconvenience to sap resources from your regular IT duties.

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    Support is Centralized

    With our hosted software, product support is always in place, focused on making your operation run trouble-free. The cost of the very best people is always high, but not when it is spread across numerous clients. They’re on duty already; there is no need for duplicate talent and duplicate expense at each client’s base.

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    ...and it's Just Plain Smart: No Surprises

    In-house expenses — the costs of servers, software, setup, updates, backups, training – can grow incrementally, draining your budget in unexpected ways. Our hosted solution keeps costs down and, equally importantly, makes them predictable.

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