Finally, an Accurate Reflection of your Employees' Performance

Positive Recognition

Positive recognition is praising employees for doing an outstanding job in accomplishing the goals and mission of the organization. Guardian Tracking helps you focus on moving your organization forward by using our software as a leadership tool through positive reinforcement. When employees know their work has meaning and someone has appreciated their efforts, they feel motivated to continue on that path.

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Early Intervention

Early Intervention, or Early Warning, is seeing and identifying a pattern of behavior where change is necessary in order to prevent a major issue or termination. Guardian Tracking features a flag warning system that notifies managers of behavior that may need to be addressed.

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Guardian Tracking Is Laser-Focused On Performance Management. Highly-Customizable Features With No Modules.

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    Early Warning & Recognition Flags +

    Alert people in the employee's chain of command of a potential problem. Alternatively, alert everyone of employee recognition and praise

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    Easy to Use Interface +

    Software that's easy to use, easy to access, and offers easy data retrieval will promote regular use

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    Mass Incident Creation +

    Select as many employees as you want, then create one entry. Guardian Tracking will create stand-alone entries for each employee

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    Action Items +

    Set reminders for yourself or someone else to help prevent issues from falling through the cracks

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    Query for Similar Entries +

    Quickly identify patterns of behavior

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    Data Tracks with an Employee +

    Data remains attached to an employee regardless of personnel transfers

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    Document Flow +

    Review and approve entries before they are published

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    Audit User +

    See all entries under specific categories selected by your organization

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    Confidential Entries +

    Control who can view sensitive documentation

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    Custom Fields +

    Create custom fields on the fly or make them available as a preset option

Let Guardian Help with Your Agency’s Accreditation Needs

The need for quick response as well as clearly defined organizational goals and expectations is paramount. When it comes to accreditation, Guardian Tracking can help your agency with proofs of compliance for a variety of association standards.


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