What is Early Intervention of Employee Incidents?

What is Early Intervention?

Early Intervention, or Early Warning, is seeing and identifying a pattern of behavior where change may be necessary in order to prevent a major issue or termination. Guardian Tracking features a flag warning system that notifies managers of behavior that may need addressing in order to save careers.

How does Early Intervention benefit your organization?

  • Increases employee retention, saving time and money
  • Documents how your organization is helping employees improve
  • Emphasizes coaching and leadership opportunities for managers
  • Enables leadership to identify behavior patterns before it becomes serious
  • Adds value to the life of your workplace by bringing out the best performance in employees

Transparency in Early Intervention

Regardless of your existing early intervention strategy, Guardian Tracking is a valuable tool to help your organization become more proactive by identifying patterns of behavior. Further strengthen your organization by giving employees the ability to view documentation of their own performance as well as feedback from their supervisors. This gives employees a clear understanding of how they are perceived and allows for opportunity to change their behavior–no surprises at evaluation time!

Early intervention is most successful when first-line supervision plays an active role in helping employees modify their behavior. Executives will gain insight into how their management team is leading its employees and will show areas of room for improvement. As a result, early intervention is driven upward throughout each level of an organization, encouraging your employees’ best performance.

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