Why Positive Employee Recognition?

Why Positive Recognition?

Did you know that today’s employees rate recognition as the number one factor in gaining job satisfaction?

When employees know their work has meaning and someone has appreciated their efforts, they feel motivated to continue on that path. Positive recognition is encouraging and praising employees for doing an outstanding job in accomplishing the goals and mission of the organization. Guardian Tracking helps you focus on moving your agency forward by using our software as a leadership tool through positive reinforcement. Recognizing an employee’s good performance could be one of the most powerful tools a manager can use!

How does this benefit your organization?

  • Increased productivity – when employees feel valued, it assigns meaning to their job
  • Employees gain a greater sense of connection to the overall mission and vision of an organization
  • Encourages peer-to-peer recognition
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Immediate and direct performance feedback for individuals and teams
  • Enhanced teamwork

Take it from Sam and Kate, workplace culture is formed by the behavior that is reinforced. Watch their story:

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