Guardian Tracking Software Testimonials

  • "You’ll be happy to know that our revamped evaluation process for 2017 (based on GT entries) was well received, for the most part, and in my opinion the most fair evaluations we have ever conducted"

    Mike Dressel
    Assistant Chief, Indian Hill Rangers (OH) PD
  • "In a day in time in which client service appears to be vanishing at an ever-increasing rate, Guardian Tracking exemplifies the true definition of client service by ensuring that the needs of the client are met regardless of the nature of that need."

    Angel Geoghagan, Ph.D.
    Standards & Compliance Manager at Hamilton County (TN) 911 Communications
  • "I would recommend the Guardian software to any agency, regardless of size, that is seeking to enhance or institute employee behavior and activity tracking measures. The software holds innumerable uses and provides immediate benefits to the agency."

    Dan Hare
    Sergeant (Training & Personnel Division) at Licking County Sheriff’s Office
  • "Guardian Tracking is one of the simplest programs to use and customize to your agency's current practices."

    Brian Weimer
    Captain at University of Missouri (Columbia) PD
  • "Our department has been using Guardian Tracking for over a year and our supervisors are very pleased with the product and its benefits."

    Phil Potter
    Chief of Police at Huntersville Police Department
  • "Under conventional systems, the bad seems to always get documented and many of the good positive events do not. Guardian seems to level the playing field so that not only negative events get documented, the positive events get documented also."

    Mike Jones
    Chief of Police at Suwanee Police Department
  • "Purchasing Guardian Tracking was some of the smartest money we have ever spent."

    Mike Fogarty
    Chief of Police (Ret.) at Carmel Police Department
  • "Thanks for all your assistance. You have made this program implementation seamless and pleasurable. My guys are flat out in love with it. I will be a strong advocate for this program whenever possible."

    Quentin D. Holmes, Sr.
    Chief of Police at Monroe Police Department
  • "The Harvey Police Department would be lost without Guardian Tracking Software. It is incorporated into all aspects of our tracking and reporting of Employee’s actions, training and recognition. It is so much a part of our work routine that increasing the utilization of the Guardian Tracking Software is now a part of our FY 2015 goals for the department. We have already begun tracking training attended, as well as loading the certifications as an attachment.  As we find more uses for the Guardian Tracking Software, it is clear that this software is the very best investment that a department could ever make."

    Jason Banks
    Deputy Chief at Harvey Police Department
  • "Guardian Tracking really is great software and I don't know how we've gotten along without something like that in this job for as long as we have."

    Stephen Rinker
    Sergeant at Franconia Township Police Department