Why Document Employee Performance?

How does documentation improve my organization?

Employee Documentation: The record of an observation, event, conversation, incidents of good or bad performance, rewards and recognition, evaluations or any other work-related happenings.

An example of why consistent documentation is so important:  We know the time surrounding an employee evaluation can be stressful for both parties–the reviewer and the person receiving the review. The reviewer is trusting that his or her record of the past year contains all of the supporting information to give a realistic “score”; while the employee is wondering what their personnel file actually contains. Often, both are surprised and are left thinking, “How can events from nearly a year ago be recalled accurately?”. If you wait until an annual employee review to provide valuable feedback about work performance, you may miss your chance entirely because the employee may already have one foot out the door.

Maintaining an outdated system of a “personnel file” with spreadsheets or paper files to review every so often doesn’t cut it these days. Neither does keeping documentation of only negative employee behavior. All employee documentation–good and bad–is pertinent, valuable, and necessary to see the entire picture of employee efforts. Guardian Tracking takes documentation further and provides a complete Employee Performance Management tool–because having the documentation is one thing; what’s done with that information is where the true value lies.

Here are a few more benefits:

  • Defend personnel decisions and mitigate liability
  • Support performance evaluation scores
  • Monitor goals and performance improvement plans
  • Track discipline
  • Recognize high (and low) performing employees
  • Create a positive and motivating workplace culture
  • Professional development tool


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